Iris was one of Ash's traveling companion from the Unova region. She was voiced by RawrKittyPanda.

History Edit

After being asked by Serena who she was, Ash told her a story about a girl he knew called Iris. Like Serena, Iris was revealed in a flashback (following the flashback that was already seen) to have had a falling out with Ash. While playing hide and seek, ash threw a Pokeball at Iris' head, angering her. Ash then compared her to Dawn, a girl he traveled with in Sinnoh. Iris then asked who Dawn was.

Appearances Edit

Time Flies (Flashback)

Shorts Edit

Ash Ketchup Remembers Charizard

Other Edit

Ash Ketchup Vs. Iris

Trivia Edit

  • Iris was voiced by RawrKittyPanda, who also voices Jessie
  • In Episode 4, Iris was used in a gag which included all of Ash's female travelling companions, this also included Serena, Dawn, May and May's Mom. The punchline was "...and that's why Misty's a virgin!"