Iris was one of Ash's traveling companion from the Unova region. She was voiced by RawrKittyPanda.

History Edit

After being asked by Serena who she was, Ash told her a story about a girl he knew called Iris. Like Serena, Iris was revealed in a flashback (following the flashback that was already seen) to have had a falling out with Ash. While playing hide and seek, ash threw a Pokeball at Iris' head, angering her. Ash then compared her to Dawn, a girl he traveled with in Sinnoh. Iris then asked who Dawn was.

Appearances Edit

Time Flies (Flashback)

Other Edit

Ash Ketchup Vs. Iris

Trivia Edit

  • Iris was voiced by RawrKittyPanda, who also voices Jessie
  • In Episode 4, Iris was used in a gag which included all of Ash's female travelling companions, this also included Serena, Dawn, May and May's Mom. The punchline was "...and that's why Misty's a virgin!"

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