Jessie is a supporting character in Pokemon Sun and Moon Abridged, a member of Team Rocket and arch-enemy of Ash. She is voiced by RawrKittyPanda.

History Edit

Not much is known about Jessie's history, other than she has been with James and Meowth in Team Rocket and following Ash for over 20 years. Much like James and Meowth, Jessie's ultimate goal is to capture Pikachu.

Her first appearance was in "Rocket 'n' Rotom", where she arrived in Alola along with James, Meowth and Wobbuffet. They then come across Mimikyu, who after putting Meowth in a temporary coma, decided to catch. She later watches as Mimikyu battles Pikachu (who along with Ash, had also arrived in Alola). They then decide to join in the battle until they were kidnapped by a wild Bewear.

In "Time Flies", Jessie attempts to, and successfully captures Mimikyu after tricking him into a Pokeball painted to look like a Luxury Ball. She is seen again later when Bewear had left her and the rest of Team Rocket alone. They attempted to steal the berries Bewear had stocked and sell them at a local market. This was until a flock of Pikipek stole the berries, prompting her and the rest of her group to get the berries back. They manage to find and subdue the Pikipek (who they decided to sell to KFC)... until they where foiled again by Ash, Pikachu and Rowlet. They where also found by Bewear and taken back to its lair.


Getting dragged by Bewear

Jessie, along with James, Meowth and Wobbuffet were seen spying on Ash and his class in "A Ship at Sea", until being caught interrupted by Principal Oak who decided to call the police on them. They were also seen following Ash and Lana as they plan to steal a mass of Pokemon to sell on the Black Market. Jessie also planned to use the money to get Meowth spayed. The next day, they interrupt the class' field trip by stealing the Pokemon, until their plan was foiled by Ash, Lana, Pikachu and Popplio. Angered, Jessie called out Mimikyu to kill Lana and Popplio, only for him to be distracted by Pikachu.After getting defeated by Popplio and Rowlet, Team Rocket were then abducted by Bewear, who appears to be able to run across the sea.

Appearances Edit

Rocket 'n' Rotom

Time Flies

A Ship at Sea

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  • Jessie is voiced by RawrKittyPanda, who also voices Iris.