Kiawe is a student at the Pokemon School on Melemele Island and is the only character who can use Z-Moves apart from Ash. He is voiced by Blyton Layelo.

Personality Edit

Kiawe is one of the more "normal" members of Ash's class. He also appears to be the most popular. In "A Ship at Sea", it is revealed he lives on a farm. It is implied in "Mayhem Big and 'Mall" that Kiawe is romantically interested in Sophocles as he asked him to "get his rod ready", implying he is proposing a hook-up. This is highlighted even more since he is partners with Sophocles in the hands-on sex ed class.

Appearances Edit

The Milf, the Mime and the Maniac

For a God's Sake

Rocket 'n' Rotom

A Ship at Sea

Mayhem Big and 'Mall (mentioned; voice only)

Shorts Edit

Ash trains with Rockruff

Trivia Edit

  • Kiawe is voiced by Blyton Layelo.

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