Lana is a main character in Pokemon Sun and Moon Abridged and a student at the Pokemon School on Melemele Island. She is voiced by Krysdolly.

Personality Edit

Lana is a very quiet and shy character. Although she has a very timid and caring demeanor, she can get enraged when people insult her Pokemon, as seen when Jessie calls Popplio "circus trash". Like the other girls in her class, she also has a romantic and even sexual attraction to Ash as upon meeting him, asked if he was single. Her attraction to Ash has caused her to develop an Obsessive Love Disorder as she keeps photos of, writes about and even has a tattoo of him. It is shown that she also gets embarrassed by her sisters, especially when they tease her about her crush on Ash.

Appearances Edit

The Milf, the Mime and the Maniac

For a God's Sake

Rocket 'n' Rotom

A Ship at Sea

A Warm Couple

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Ash trains with Rockruff

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When being asked if Ash is her boyfriend

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