Lana is a main character in Pokemon Sun and Moon Abridged and a student at the Pokemon School on Melemele Island. She is voiced by Krysdolly.

History Edit

Lana was born to a fisherman and has two twin sisters. She is also a student who attends the Pokemon School and only has a Popplio as a partner.

She met Ash in "The Milf, the Mime and the Maniac" where she rode one of the Tauros that trampled over him, along with Sophocles and Mallow. She asked Ash if he was "single and ready to mingle", only to be brought down by Mallow, who took him by the hand to tour the school and find the principal's office. She is seen again when Ash and Kiawe battle Team Skull and cheers them on after they win.

In "For a God's Sake", she welcomed Ash to the class and listened to him talk about his Z-Ring. Later, as they all have lunch, Lana sat with Lillie and Mallow. She asked her Popplio how the food was, only to reply with "pretty shitty". Lana then reminded Popplio to not get sick. The lunch was interrupted when Tapu Koko lead Ash into the woods for a battle that will test his Z-Move.

In "Rocket 'n' Rotom", Lana met Rotom. When Kukui told the class they were going to be unsupervised, Ash suggested that the class go to Burger King. However, as there aren't any Burger Kings in Alola, Lillie suggested they all go to a sushi restaurant she knows. On the way out of the restaurant, Lana and the class come across a wild Mimikyu that has a deep hatred for Ash's Pikachu. Lana later met Team Rocket who tried to battle Ash. The battle was interrupted when Jessie and James where carried off by a wild Bewear, prompting Meowth, Mimikyu and Wobbuffet to chase after them. She then went with the rest of the class to Ash's house to have lemonade (which Ash claimed, he did not find in the toilet).

She had a brief appearance in "Ash trains with Rockruff" where she watches Ash, Pikachu and Rockruff "training".


When being asked if Ash is her boyfriend

The episode "A Ship at Sea" focused mainly on Lana and her Popplio. Professor Kukui had arranged for the class to go on a fishing trip with Lana being their guide. When Ash realized he did not have a fishing rod, Lana offered him one of hers. Later, she revealed to Ash that she was the only one in the class who is a virgin, being that she does not have a hands-on sex ed partner. She also let Ash know of her dream of being able to go inside a giant bubble to explore the sea. After introducing Ash to her sisters, Harper and Sarah, they decide to play with Pikachu. They then realize that Ash is the one who Lana keeps a picture of on her desk, writes about in her diary daily and even got a tattoo of on her left arm. Embarrassed, Lana expresses that she does have a romantic interest in Ash... only to later get zapped by Pikachu along with everyone else.

The next day, the class is ambushed by Team Rocket. When Ash nearly gets the Pokemon they captured killed, Lana uses Popplio's bubbles to save them. Angered, Jessie orders Mimikyu to kill Lana and Popplio, only to be focused on Pikachu instead. Team Rocket are foiled by Ash and Lana and are abducted by Bewear. In the end, they all learned the important lesson that fishing sucks.

Personality Edit

Lana is a very quiet and shy character. Although she has a very timid and caring demeanor, she can get enraged when people insult her Pokemon, as seen when Jessie calls Popplio "circus trash". Like the other girls in her class, she also has a romantic and even sexual attraction to Ash as upon meeting him, asked if he was single. Her attraction to Ash has caused her to develop an Obsessive Love Disorder as she keeps photos of, writes about and even has a tattoo of him. It is shown that she also gets embarrassed by her sisters, especially when they tease her about her crush on Ash.

Appearances Edit

The Milf, the Mime and the Maniac

For a God's Sake

Rocket 'n' Rotom

A Ship at Sea

Shorts Edit

Ash trains with Rockruff

Trivia Edit

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