Mimikyu is a supporting character in Pokemon Sun and Moon Abridged. He is voiced by Zee Andrews

History Edit

Mimikyu is Jessie's first Pokémon that she caught in the Alola region. He first appeared in the episode "Rocket 'n' Rotom" where he recalls he was killed by Ash's Pikachu whilst using a homemade flamethrower and came back from the dead as Mimikyu. Because of this, Mimikyu has adopted an evil personality and hatred towards Pikachu, seeking vengeance.

Mimikyu was first seen when Bewear was wondering through the woods. The two looked at each other and wandered off, minding their own business.

He eventually stumbled across Jessie, James, Meowth and Wobbuffet. He scares Meowth and causes him to slip into a coma (in which, Meowth has dreams that make him aroused). Jessie and James manage to wake him up before Ash and his friends find Mimikyu. Seeing Pikachu, Mimikyu's hate grew. This caused Team Rocket to come in and battle alongside Mimikyu. However, the battle was cut short when Bewear came and abducted Jessie and James, prompting Meowth to force Mimikyu to helping him and Wobbuffet get them back.

In "Time Flies", Mimikyu is constantly avoiding capture by Jessie due to numerous reasons (all involving Jessie as a person). She tricks him and successfully captures him in a Pokeball painted like a Luxury Ball. After getting snatched by Bewear again, Jessie pleas for Mimikyu to help, instead to have Mimikyu insult her as she screams. He is heard from later when Jessie insults him and from inside his Pokeball, he tells her that he will remember what she said for when he gets out. Later, he is sent out to fight Pikachu, nearly killing him and temporarily breaks his back... only to be fixed again by Rowlet. Before Mimikyu can kill Pikachu, he is snatched by Bewear and taken off back to its den.

Mimikyu appears in "A Ship at Sea" at the very end of the episode. He is sent out by Jessie to kill Lana and Popplio due to them interfering with Team Rocket's plans. Mimikyu simply ignored Jessie and was instead, distracted by Pikachu. Team Rocket was foiled yet again by Popplio and Rowlet, destroying their balloon and were yet again abducted by Bewear.


Getting snatched by Bewear

Personality Edit

Mimikyu is a very evil Pokemon with the ultimate goal to murder Pikachu. He seems to hate most everyone around him and possibly toward Team Rocket. He seems to have a stable relationship with Team Rocket with the exception that Jessie seems to antagonize him. Despite his evil and vengeful personality, he appears to be very gullible. This can be seen when Jessie convinces Mimikyu that the luxury ball he is housed in contained a spa and pool. His hatred for Pikachu causes Mimikyu to act impulsively, jumping straight into battle at the first sight of him. He also has a tendency to ignore Jessie in battle as after being ordered by her to kill Lana and Popplio, Mimikyu instead went for Pikachu.

Appearances Edit

Rocket 'n' Rotom

Time Flies

A Ship at Sea

Trivia Edit

  • Mimikyu is voiced by Zee Andrews who also voices Rowlet. The voice actor had also played Team Skull's Pokemon in "The Milf, the Mime and the Maniac".
  • According to Lillie, Mimikyu's death was in a similar or same way as her grandmother died.
  • Though it is implied but never stated, Mimikyu can possibly read minds, this is seen when he first talks to Meowth, talking about his aquaphobia,

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