Mimikyu is a supporting character in Pokemon Sun and Moon Abridged. He is voiced by Zee Andrews

Personality Edit

Mimikyu is a sociopath with the ultimate goal to murder Pikachu. He seems to hate most everyone around him and possibly toward Team Rocket. He seems to have a stable relationship with Team Rocket with the exception that Jessie seems to antagonize him. Despite his evil and vengeful personality, he appears to be very gullible. This can be seen when Jessie convinces Mimikyu that the luxury ball he is housed in contained a spa and pool. His hatred for Pikachu causes Mimikyu to act impulsively, jumping straight into battle at the first sight of him. He also has a tendency to ignore Jessie in battle as after being ordered by her to kill Lana and Popplio, Mimikyu instead went for Pikachu. It is revealed that Mimikyu is also manipulative towards and seems to gaslight Meowth. In "Mayhem Big and 'Mall", Mimikyu explicitly tells Meowth that he is being used as a tool for his own benefit.

Appearances Edit

Rocket 'n' Rotom

Time Flies

A Ship at Sea

Mayhem Big and 'Mall

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Getting snatched by Bewear

Trivia Edit

  • Mimikyu is voiced by Zee Andrews who also voices Rowlet. The voice actor had also played Team Skull's Pokemon in "The Milf, the Mime and the Maniac".
  • According to Lillie, Mimikyu's death was in a similar or same way as her grandmother died.
  • In "Mayhem Big and 'Mall", it is revealed that Mimikyu can read minds and communicate telepathically as he is seen doing this frequently with Meowth.