Rowlet is the first Pokemon Ash caught in the Alola region. He is voiced by Zee Andrews.

History Edit

Rowlet was born to a Toucan and a Woodpecker. Rowlet's Mom apparently took a job at a Hooter's once and may have had unprotected sex with an owl which would explain Rowlet's genetic differences.

Rowlet first appeared in "Time Flies", where he brings a wind chime to his father, Toucan Sam, believing it was either a tomato or an anal suppository. His mother sent him off to find better food. One day, looking for food, Rowlet was shot down by soldiers when he accidentally flew over an Alolan Air Force base. He was then saved by Ash, who swooped in and saved Rowlet from falling.

Rowlet later woke up and began to consume a whole bowl of melon slices. Ash suggested that they all play with Nana Banana, a puppet made from a banana, which Rowlet ate, traumatizing Ash. Mallow later brought Rowlet a watermelon from the manure fields. Whilst Ash proposed to catch Rowlet, he flew back to his nest with the melon, prompting Ash and Mallow to follow him. Rowlet brought the melon back to his father and was praised by his mother. Suddenly, Team Rocket trapped Rowlet's family and attempted to steal the fruit stockpile. Jessie sent Mimikyu out to fight Pikachu but was saved by Rowlet before Mimikyu killed him. Rowlet then proceeded to rescue his parents who were even more proud of him, especially since Team Rocket planned to sell the birds to KFC. Mimikyu was about to murder Pikachu, but along with the rest of Team Rocket, was abducted by Bewear, taking them back to it's lair. As Rowlet was praised by his family, Toucan Sam told him to go with Ash, due to Rowlet being unbearably annoying to him. Rowlet happily joined Ash and his team.

Personality Edit

Rowlet is an incredibly slow and dim-witted Pokemon but with a big heart. His ultimate goal was to make his family proud and to be accepted. We can also see that Rowlet has a massive appetite, evident as he ate a lot of the melon and even Nana Banana. Despite his low intelligence, Rowlet is also very strong when it comes to battle, saving Pikachu and his family from certain death.

Appearances Edit

Time Flies

A Ship at Sea

Shorts Edit

Litten grabs a snack (cameo)

Trivia Edit

  • Rowlet is voiced by Zee Andrews, who also voices Mimikyu

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